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These sites exist to help those in grief and the people who want to help them.

We offer friendship, compassion and understanding to the bereaved,
while helping members of the community,
including family, friends, employers, co-workers, and professionals
to be supportive.

We feature helpful continuously changing grief education acticles and links;
offer email and telephone support to the bereaved; and
hree bereavement awareness months
that bring grief information to the general public.
Suggestions that help us help the bereaved are helpful.

The Annual Worldwide Bereavement Awareness Months
serve as reminders to reach out and help the bereaved.
The three months are
Worldwide Bereaved Spouses Awareness Month in April Spouses,
Worldwide Bereaved Parents Awareness Month in July Parents
and Worldwide Bereaved Sibling Awareness Month in November Siblings

Interested in helping the bereaved?

If you are interested in helping the bereaved and their families,
please go to HELP
or email us for your free electronic pamphlet entitled
"Reaching Out to Help the Bereaved." Thank you.

You are welcome to attend grief support groups and conferences.
Most of them have seminars for people who want to help the bereaved.
You can find out more about these conferences
by looking up "Helping the Bereaved"
on the Internet or emailing or calling us at 978-343-4009.

"Thank you for reaching out to the bereaved!"

Need more help?
If you are a bereaved person or
someone wanting to help a bereaved person,
we can help.
For more information,
contact Peter or Deb at 1-978-343-4009,
You can also write to us at Peter and Deb Kulkkula,
381 Billings Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420-1407
If we can't help you, we'll connect you with someone who can.

Bereavement Spokesperson Deb Kulkkula
Bereaved Parent
, Inspirational Writer and Speaker and
Bereavement Spokesperson Peter Kulkkula
Bereaved Parent, Bereaved Sibling, American Adventurer

Although we have no bereavement degrees, we have lost two children,
my husband lost his brother, and my sister, mother, and neice lost their husbands.
We worked with and led our local chapter o
The Compassionate Friends (for bereaved parents and their families)
for many years after the organization helped us.

I edited newsletters, wrote articles,
and was the education chair of the 2005 Annual TCF Conference.
We are very grateful to The Compassionate Friends.

At the same time, Deb lead a group of writers.
They first wrote a brochure entitled

"Reaching Out
to Help the Bereaved"
Lovingly Written by
Jane K. Andrews - in loving memory of Peter John Kulkkula,
Bonny Caisse - in loving memory of Jared James Caisse,
Anne M. Dionne - in loving memory of Michael S. Dionne,
Deborah L. Kulkkula -in loving memory of Peter John Kulkkula,
Jane Maki - in loving memory of Christopher L. Maki.
Lovingly Designed and Compiled by
Deborah L. Kulkkula - in loving memory of Peter John Kulkkula.
Lovingly Created Artwork in the hard copy by
Kelly A. Dionne - in loving memory of Michael S. Dionne
We appreciate your loving attention to this brochure.

co-wrote a book entitled
Every Step of the Way: How four mothers coped with child loss
with Yvonne Lancaster, Anne Dionne, Jane Maki.
Thank you: Yvonne, Anne, and Jane.

We are both dedicated to helping the bereaved.
Since 2008, we have been sponsoring bereavement months
to show the general public how to reach out and help the bereaved,
support the newly bereaved,
and to connect the newly bereaved with a helpful organization.

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