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Remember, we specialize
in individually designing programs
that meet the needs of
our clients and our members.

Rising Star Productions


American Adventures
International Adventures
Rising Stars
Finding Our Way
Cooking Made Simple

YOU are warmly invited to guest star
on one of our programs.

Here is guest information letter:

Welcome to our star studded adventure!

Rising Star Productions
proudly presents (YOU) and

Television Program Guest Star Information

Thank you for your interest in appearing on this Rising Star Production show.
We greatly appreciate
your time and expertise.

Your Show:

Your Program: ______________
Your Title: __________________
Genre: _____________________
Your Show's Topic:___________
Your Show's Length: 30 Minutes


All featured guests are considered guest stars. As the star host or guest star your show titles and captions - need to reflect your expertise concerning the show.

Your Name as you want it to appear on screen_____________
Your Discription as you want it to appear on the screen_________


Please print in large print, 10 - 20 questions/sub-topics in the order that they should be asked.
You may not have time for all of them. It really depends on how long your answers are.

Let us know which one/s you want asked at your show conclusion if all questions are not used. Thank you.

Panel Discussions

One difference: since there is a panel of guest stars, please let us know who will be prepared to answer each question or discuss the topic. Thank you.

Guest Star and
Guest Host Star
Arrival Time

The Monday evening tapings are from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and the Saturday morning tapings are from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. Be sure to speak with the creative director or executive producer about your actual arrival time. On the day that you are scheduled to be taped, it is best to plan to get to the studio about 15-20 minutes before your show taping - just to catch your breath; go to the rest room; adjust your clothing, hair, and makeup; have something to drink; and relax a bit.

Show Time

With our 30 minute show format, you will only have about 25 minutes to chat on the air. We need to have 60 seconds for the title frames, 60 seconds to introduce you, 60 seconds to close the show, and 120 seconds for the credits. (Credits will be rolled over a video, the set, or the show's final product.)

Studio Show Stage Set Up

We will be using a ________________ ____________back drop for your show. We will have a ______________ theme and a table for guests to sit at.

Star Cast Clothing and Makeup Suggestions

We need to stay away from all black and all white as well as bright red. If you have a light complexion, wear more, darker, and brighter makeup than you normally do as you automatically look about four shades lighter in the bright lights. Conversely, if you are very dark, you may want to lighten your skin tone a couple of shades. Red, high gloss lipstick tends to bleed. Stay away from make up glosses and shinny clothing. Wear fuller hair, as our hair seems to get flattened by the camera.

Affiliated Station

Fitchburg Community Television (FATV)

Rising Star Productions

The Rising Stars Producers Crew produces weekly Rising Star Production programs. These shows are broadcast from FATV and aired on Sunday at 5:30 PM, Monday at 7:30 PM, and Tuesday at 9:30 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM. A complete FATV Guide is available online at www.FATV.org, Email@FATV.org, or at 978-343-0834.

Currently, we have five programs that are broadcast during the Rising Star Productions time slots.

American Adventures
Hosted by Deb Kulkkula, it is mainly about affordable vacations in North, Central, and South America. It features American Adventurer Peter Kulkkula sharing his American video adventures.

International Adventures
Hosted by Deb Kulkkula, it is mainly about affordable vacations all over the world. It features American Adventurer Peter Kulkkula sharing his International video adventures.

Cooking Made Simple
Usually hosted by Deb Kulkkula,
it is a location show that teaches cooking techniques to new and experienced cooks.

Finding Our Way
Usually hosted by Deb Kulkkula,
is about finding our way to success and happiness or through an adversity.
Special Editions of
Finding Our Way
include Remembering When...
featuring people sharing their life stories,
Cultural Enlightenment
featuring guests who share traditions and issues unique to their culture,
Speakers Soapbox,
Healthy Loving,
The Biblical View,
Healthy Grieving,

Writers Soapbox and
Incognito Diner
about restaurant critiques.

Rising Stars
is an entertainment show featuring a variety of talents with a variety of hosts and talented guests with music, magic, or sports.

Program Sponsorship:

Primary Sponsor
Rising Stars Speakers
Contributing Sponsors
A show host or guest may be a contributing sponsor for any show.
$10.00 Copper Sponsor
Noted in Credits of a Show,
plus 1 DVD
$20.00 Silver Sponsor
Noted in Credits of a Show,
plus Full Frame in Closing,
plus 1 DVD
$30.00 Gold Sponsor
Noted in Credits of a Show,
plus Full Frame in Closing and Mentioned in Show plus 2 DVDs


Host Cost:
A Host's production cost is $10.00 per show which ncludes $5.00 per DVD for FATV's and for Rising Star Productions' Archives. The $10.00 is due at the time of the taping.
Media Cost:
$5.00 per DVD,
Mailing Cost:
DVDs may be picked up or mailed at $5.00 handling/mailing cost per item

A Note of Appreciation:

Special appreciation goes to Rising Star Speakers for sponsoring Rising Star Productions.

Heartfelt thanks goes to Fitchburg Access Television (FATV) for the use of their facilities and for the
generous expert help from the staff.

With abundant gratitude to Rising Stars Productions Crew for arranging the tapings, sets, media access, airing times, and crew coordination.





































Affordable Europe Country Hopping
African Safari
Building a Home in Urban America
Building a Secondary School in a Third World Country
Chile's Amarian Desert
Dancing on the Equator
Homesteading in Alaska
Homesteading in New England
Paris at Midnight
West Indies: Island Hopping

America's History through Art
Art as a Creative Force
Basic Drawing
Decorative Arts
Greek (Topic Upon Request)
Roman (Topic Upon Request)

Aggressive or Assertive
Copyrights and Wrongs
Creative Ways of Building Sales
Designing A Beneficial Business Plan
Financing Your Business Plan
Getting the Right Job for You
Getting Your Team Back On Track
Make Sure Your Clients Tell Others About Your Business
Making Everyone In Your Organization Feel Special
Making Mid-life Career Moves
Maximizing Manufacturing Profit
Prospecting for Gold (New Clients)
Public Relations for Today

Building Children's Confidence
Help Your Children To Grow
Infant Care
Children and Faith
Children and the Arts
Home schooling
Home Work/Study Skills
Team Sports
The Role of Music

Building Your Business by Using A Web Site
Building Your Own Web Site
Internet Manners
Introduction to Computer Software
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to the Internet
Learn to Use Your Own Software (Personal Tutorials)
Learning About Email and Email Servers
Now that your Surfing the Net, What Next?
Software Help Clinic With A Real Person

Cake Decorating
Cooking Made Simple
Dinner Plate Decorations
Eating Light
Excellent Ethnic Edibles
Hearty Breads
Fragrant, Flavorful, Finnish Food
Great Pasta (The Hand Made Way)
No MSG? No Salt?
Varieties by Arrangement

Creative Distinctive Stationary
Creative Dough Art
Creative Furniture Applied Designs and Finishing
Creative Holiday Decorations
Creative Home Decoration
Creative Molded Flower Arrangements
Creative Sewing
Creative Woodworking
Jewelry Craft
Wood Works

Building Friendships
Building Self Confidence
Building Your Own Learning Centers
Career Success
Check False Beliefs
Customer Service
Finding the Right Pieces for Your Life Puzzle
Handling Difficult People
Hospitality Makes People Want To Come Back
Hotel Industry Opportunities
How to Hook 'Em, Reel 'Em In, and Catch 'Em
Leadership vs. Management
Listening is the Key to Communications
Motivate Your Team to be Successful
Nonverbal Communication
Organize Your Home
Organize Your Schedule
Organize Your Work Space
Participatory Learning
Power of Community
Restaurant Industry Opportunities
Restaurant Opportunities
Speaking to a Large Audience
Stepping Stones for Success
Toastmasters (World's Largest Public Speaking Organization)
When Everything Goes Wrong, STOP and...
Personal Development and Coming Back

Buttons and Bows
Fred and I
Getting Thinner
How to Hook 'Em, Reel 'Em In, and Catch 'Em
If You Are Happy, Smile!
LAUGHTER has a life of its own
Smiles Are Free
Sugar and Spice and Everything Not Nice
What Is Always Returned
Wit or Wisdom or Just Plain Stupid
The Tin Jelly Bean
From Instructor to Humorist

Faith Brings Peace
Faith Heals
Fundamental Christian Faith
God's Love
Have Faith Will Travel
Jewish Tradition
Our Values are Foundation
Out Of Darkness
The Catholic Church Today
Where We Gather

Beyond Grief
From Darkness to Light
Healthy Bereavement
Hope and Healing
How Can I Help? When A Friend Is Grieving|
Living with Loss
Love, Laughter, and Tears
Out Of Darkness
Stages of Grief
Various Stages of Grief
General Grief

American Art
American Literature
Life As A Refugee (Group Upon Request)
Life As An American Patriot
Little House on the Prairie and Me
Subjects by Request
Travel Through The Centuries
At the Roman Baths
Life As A Surf

Country Gardening
Cut Flower Arrangement
Fun Informal Gatherings
Gardening Made Simple
Home Exterior Design
Home Landscaping
Make It A Place to Relax
Spectacular Parties
When Hired Help is Necessary
Home Interior Design

Be A Powerhouse
Best of Both Worlds
Catch A Rising Star
Give Them Heart
Hidden Talents
How to Inspire Others
Light Visible: When East Met West
Making Peace From Chaos
The Most Happy Married People Have a Secret
What Do You Do When Your Parachute Is Only A Little Umbrella
You Deserve to Be Successful
Painting A Possibility Picture

Building Teams
Keeping Teams Successful
Leadership vs Management
Leading Brief Productive Meetings
Leading Ships with Heavy Cross Winds
Presenting Made Easy
Skills for Both Sexes
Skills for Men
Skills for Women
The Plays of Winning Teams

America's Literary Tradition (Topics Upon Request)
Authors Speak
Everything from Copyrights to Publishing (Ten Sessions)
For Seniors Only: Recording the Stories You Love to Tell
How to Begin the Next Best Seller
Journalize, Record Your Life
Poets Recite Their Work
When Poetry Helps
Writing Your Family History

Be the Best that You Can Be
Be the Best You
Become A Rising Star
Developing Our Heart's Desire
Dream Your Way To Success
Finding Our Way
Making Your Dream a Reality
Manage Your Time
Motivate Your Team to be Successful|
Mountain Climbing
Networking Your Way to Success
Out Of Darkness
Stepping Stones for Success
You are Responsible for Your Own Growth

Believing in Yourself is Good Therapy
Brain Injury
Clinical Depression
Conflict Management
From Emotionally Depressed to Emotionally Inspired
From Emotionally Disturbed to Emotionally Inspired
Out Of Darkness
Personal Development and Coming Back
Positive Side of Depression
Replace Fear with Faith
Rewiring the Brain
Survivors of Brain Injury and their Families
When Smiles Are All You Have Left
When to Say Goodbye
Creating Your Own Possibilities

Public Speaking:
Add Humor to your Presentations
Conclusions that Audiences Remember
Gestures Help the Audience Listen Better
Handing Audience Resistance
Hooking Your Audience
Introduction to Public Speaking
Keeping Your Audiences Attention
Organize Your Prize Winning Speech
Powerful Presentations
Presuade Your Audience
Proper Preparation Pays
Timing is Everything
Visual Aids Helps the Audience to Understand
Vocal Variety Keeps Them Awake

Finding Faith
Finding Yourself
Is Your Family Really Good For You?
Know Thyself
Looking Inward Instead of Outward
Mind, Body, and Soul
Peace or Conflict Within
Remembering When...

Be Safe by Being Aware
How You Can Avoid Becoming The Next Victim Of "The Silent Epidemic"
If You drink, Don't Drive
Incorporate Safe and Eliminate Dangerous Behaviors
Making Your Home Childproof
Personal Safety
Road Rage and You
Safe Home
Teen Safety: Bikes, Four Wheelers, Skate Boards, and Cars

Mountain Climbing
Boats and Planes
From Motorcycles to Limousines
Mt. Monadnock: One of the Most Climbed Mountains in the World
Mt. Washington: Highest Death Toll in the World
Walking for Your Health
Outdoorsman (Variations Upon Request)

Affordable Vacationing
Fun on Boats, Motorcycles, and Planes
Kids Go Free
Lavish Vacationing
Vacationing Seniors
Traveling in Rvs, Trains, and Ships
Vacationing for Two Again
Vacationing with Children
Vacationing with Seniors

Building Houses, Missions,and Schools
Cleaning Up America
Helping a Friend
Helping to Cure Disease
Physical or Mental Volunteering
The Joy of Volunteering
The Power of Volunteering
Visiting Shut Ins
Volunteering Your Professional Skills
When Monetary Donations are Better than Volunteering
Why Volunteer


Rising Star Publishing
Current Writing Projects


Cooking Made Simple,
cooking booklet series
for new cooks;
Reaching for the Stars,
success booklet series;
Reaching Out...
a booklet series that
helps the bereaved.
Booklet Cost including Postage and Handing
$10.00 each.
Please send request & check for the proper amount
made out to
Risimg Star Publishing,
381 Billings Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420-1407.
Thank you very much.

Special Group Produced Books

Memories from the Heart
Book of short stories about lost loved ones,
that will contain happy, serious, and/or sad stories
with or without a moral
that emotionally
moves the reader
Submission information - 500-2,000 words

Rising Stars
Book of autobiographic short success stories
Submission information - 500-4,000 words

Signs from Above
Book of autobiographic short "short shorts" stories
about signs from another dimension
submission information - 500-2,000 words

Book of autobiographical short "short shorts" stories
about losing someone
or something
and how one continues
to function
giving hope
to new survivors
submission information - 500-2,000 words

For Current Submissions Information and Deadlines:
Editor Deb Kulkkula Ph D
at Email or 978-343-4009

Published Books

Cooking Made Simple:
Doughnuts and Fritters

by Deb Kulkkula
A Book of Lighthearted Verse

by Bruce Pyne
Grieving With Prose and Poetry
by Deborah Kulkkula, Ph D
High Spirit
A Book of Real Life Poems
by Mary M. Wheeler
Rembering Peter John with Love
by Deb Kulkkula

These chap books are $10.00 each.
Please designate the book/s you want.
Then make out your check to
Rising Star Publishing
for the amount of your order
and mail it to
Rising Star Publishing
381 Billings Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420-1407.
Thank you.

Every Step of the Way:
How Four Mothers Coped
with Child Loss

Authors: Anne Dionne,
Deborah LeBouf Kulkkula,
Yvonne Lancaster,
and Jane Maki
ISBN 1-4241-3080-8 by PublishAmerica

Go to Amazon.com,
then to keyword: Kulkkula or
barnesandnoble.com, then go to ISBN: 1424130808

Books to be Published

American Adventures
by Peter Kulkkula,
Cooking Made Simple

by Deb Kulkkula,
Delicious Presentations
by Deb Kulkkula


Rising Star Focus Groups

Rising Stars offers both members and clients the opportunity to help each other grow. By belonging to a focus group, people can gain confidence and be held accountable for action items. Some of these groups are: Book Authorship, Speakers Public Relations, Production Plus, Book Publishing, Speaking Excellence, Witing Excellence, and Leadership Excellence. Clients are billed a small fee for each focus group that they attend. Email or call us at 978-343-4009 for more information and to find out if you would benefit from one or more groups.

Interactive Motivational Seminars

These seminars are geared to the general public, so they are usually scheduled on a weekday at 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM or Saturday at 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM and include a delectable complete dinner, brunch, or lunch and many surprises. Some of the upcoming topics are: West Indies: Island Hopping, Art as a Creative Force, Creative Ways to Build Sales, When Everything Goes Wrong, STOP and..., Getting Thinner, Faith Heals, Grief: From Darkness to Light, Give Them Heart, Leading Ships with Heavy Cross Winds, and Motivate Your Team to be Successful. The cost is usually $59.00. Each person may bring a business partner or significant other and pay only cost, usually $39.00, for the second person. Email or call us at 978-343-4009 and ask about other special discounts.


Rising Star Speakers offers several different teleseminars. They are less formal than a physical seminar. Participants just use their own phone from wherever they are. Clients are billed a small fee for each one hour seminar they attend. Email or call us at 978-343-4009 for upcoming teleseminar events.Wor


Rising Star Speakers offers several educational workshops each year. These workshops are designed to meet the individual needs of our members. They are usually held on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings. Some of the upcoming topics are: "Become What You Dream," "Small Talk-Big Rewards," and "So You've got Stress?" For workshop updates Email or call us at 978-343-4009. Other workshops are available upon request. The Cost is free to members. Television Crew only pays $10.00 each. Others pay $20.00. Any participant can bring a business partner or significant other and pay only $10.00 for the second person. Peter and Deb cordially invite participants to be their guests for a refreshment, such as: High Tea, Cook-out, Ice Cream Social, Lunch, Circus Snacks, Summer Picnic, and Hors d'oeuvres after the workshops.

Contact Information

For more information,contact
Deb Kulkkula
381 Billings Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420-1407.
or at 1-978-343-4009.

Rising Star Speakers
Board of Directors

Executive Director Deb Kulkkula
PR Director Sarbjit Thiara
Facilities Director Peter Kulkkula

Rising Star Productions
Executive Producer Peter Kulkkula
Creative Director Deb Kulkkula

Rising Star Publishing
xecutive Publisher Jane Andrews
Executive Editor Deb Kulkkula

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