Peter's message...
As you may have guessed,
I'm an enthusiastic traveler, and
I love exploring anywhere in
North, Central, and South America.
I am most known for
my genuine American adventure stories.
I am the founder and spokesperson for the
American Adventures Month.
This annual holiday promotes
vacationing in the Americas.
It's in August because that's
an ideal time for vacation planning.
In addition to hosting a local television show
called American Adventures,
I am available as a guide and public speaker.

Contact Information
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American Adventurer, Writer and Speaker
Peter Kulkkula
at (Rising Star Speakers Home Office)978-343-4009
(Please, leave messages here. Thank you.),
Peter@PeterKulkkula.com, (C) 978-808-6608
or at Rising Star Speakers,
381 Billings Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420-1407

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I wish all of you
many great American adventures